How to Preserve the Heat in Your Home

It is already winter and it is that time of the year when we just want to be in a warm home under a blanket. It is wonderful to have a nicely heated home, but what about those who find it hard to heat their home? There are some small tips and tricks that will help you heat your home during the cold winter days. Here is the list of things you can do according to precise plumbing Etobicoke:

Windows are the most problematic place in everyone’s home

If they are not well built, it will be very hard to keep your home warm. It is an expensive investment to replace all the windows in the home and your financial situation does not allow you to do that. So, what you can do is put blankets under every window in your home and you will prevent the heat from leaving your home. Just do that and notice how the home becomes warmer immediately. A simple but very useful trick tested by thousands of people.

The trick with the aluminum foil

You probably heard about the trick with an aluminum foil, but it actually works. This trick does wonders and it can keep your home warm. What you need to do is put pieces of aluminum foil under the radiator. This way the heat will be redirected to the central part of the room and not to the walls or the windows. It will only take an hour and the home will become warmer.

It is ok to open the windows for a few minutes during the day to bring fresh air in the home, but do not do it during the night. Make sure that all the windows are closed to prevent the heat from leaving the home. Also, during the night the air is of a bad quality and you don’t need it in the home. So instead of having a window opened during all night, ventilate the house 2 – 3 times for 15 minutes during the day.

Window blinds

If the windows have blinds, make sure to put them on which will contribute to providing more heat. Also, pull the curtains and keep the heat in the room.


Put a rug on the floor which will prevent loss of heat.

The door of the stove

Another smart idea to make your home hot is to leave the door of the stove opened after you cooked something. You have no idea how much heat it will produce for your home.

If you do all these small tricks, your home will be much hotter and you will no longer worry about replacing the old windows or doors, at least not this year. At some point, you will have to do it, which will save you a lot of money on the long run. You won’t need to pay so much money during the winter, because the temperature of your home will be normal.