Difference between Flood Damage and Water Damage in Homes

One of the most common house damages involves water in all forms, and both are called Water Damage and a Flood Damage. Most of the time these two situations confuse homeowners as to which kind of damage to categorize the condition that they are in, whether it is water damage or flood damage. The right side to it is that there are water damage repair services available for both categories and here are some of the things to look out for in distinguishing the difference between both.

Water Damage

    There are different descriptions relating to water damage especially on how it is defined in an insurance policy for your homes. In general, water damage is the type of damage wherein there is a leak of water inside the premises of your house that is causing losses to your walls which lead to other types of damages such as molds and ceiling collapse. Also, pipe leaks and sewer damage in your homes could also fall on water damage and could even be restored through professional or primary water damage repair. The source of the water must be from your house to categorize it as water damage, but in some cases, natural water sources such as rain can be a contributing factor to water damage.

Flood Damage

    On the other hand, flood damage is often caused by a natural water source such as a river, lake or tidal waters that overflow to residential areas causing a flood or even mudflow inside and around the premises of a home. Insurance companies thoroughly investigate these kinds of insurance cases because most of the time people confuse flood damage as a pool of water in their living room due to a pipe leak which is a mistake. There is a considerable difference between the severities of the damages between the two which is why flood damage is not just water damage. Also, most home insurance companies do not include flood in their coverage, so it is best to learn more about how to acquire flood damage insurance for your homes.

    Between water and flood damage, everything comes down to: how severe has the harm done to the house, what type of water has brought destruction to the home, and how does the damage significantly affect the living situation of the homeowners. These are just some of the underlying factors in knowing more about the difference between water and flood damage. Although, it is not a surprise that whatever suffering we might experience in our very own homes it is wise to educate ourselves first on the origins of the damage and how to categorize it correctly.

Even though water and flood damage may seem to sound the same at first but on what causes it and how it must be restored makes a whole lot of difference in how both must be perceived. It is also the best way to get an idea on the kind of repair that needs to be done to successfully conduct a restoration process with the help of trusted professionals in restoration services, or you can do some easy and straightforward repairs yourself.