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How to Repair a Broken Window

As a homeowner, there is bound to be a time when you encounter a smashed window in your home. If you’ve ruled out a sinister motive and you find out it was one of the kids playing baseball in the backyard or kicking a football around with their friends, then it is time to seal up the area and clean the glass. Before calling a specialist, here is a few things you should do.

Bin, Vacuum, & Heavy-Duty Gloves

We don’t mean flimsy plastic or rubber gloves, a heavy-duty pair like you’d use during gardening or working with coal. They won’t easily tear, and your hands will be safer in these kinds of gloves. Glass is very sharp and the last thing you want to do is handle a piece that could slice your hand, avoid touching any glass with your bare hands, it is a recipe for disaster.

If you’ve examined the window and it is only cracked, then you can seal the area with tape and cardboard. Otherwise, get yourself a bucket and pick up all the larger items on the ground. Once you’ve removed the bigger pieces of glass safely, sweep up the smaller parts with a brush and collector. Finally, it is advisable to go over the area with a vacuum cleaner, this ensures you collect all the smaller particles which are difficult to spot lying around. If you’ve kids in your home, you should follow the 3 steps mentioned above, so they don’t get hurt playing around the house.

Tape the Cracks

If the glass hasn’t been completely shattered, get some masking tape or strong adhesive tape and place it over the cracks. You can also put some cardboard over the hole if anywhere is exposed, tape around the sides and make sure it is secure. You can also use black bin bags depending on the size of the hole.

first-rate Perth glass companies

Call a Professional

Some first-rate Perth glass companies will be able to visit your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if it has gotten late in the evening and you don’t feel safe leaving your home exposed, they can visit your premises and fix the problem. An accident can happen at any time of the day, leaving your window, door, or any other household feature which contains glass in a mess. A lot of customers don’t feel safe putting up a black bag or cardboardto cover their windows overnight, it could allow intrudersto gain easy access to their property. With a professional window installation company who offer mobile services around the clock, you’ve a friend who can come around at any time and quickly repair your window.

It is important to rule out any sinister motives if you find glass broke in your home, if you are sure it was an accident, then you can go about repairing the problem. Remember to clear the area using heavy duty gloves, don’t go near broken glass bare handed. Once cleaned, call a professional glass company to fix the problem.