When you see all kinds of roofing materials used, you would like to see the following factors:

  • The durability of the material
  • The availability of the materials
  • The cost involved in the purchase, transportation and construction.
  • How good is it against the weather conditions of the region?
  • Which is the most popular choice.
  • What looks good for your house.
  • How long will it last?
  • What will be the maintenance cost?
  • What colours or variations would be fitting.
  • Whether you have a good roofing personnel to do the job.
  • Whether it is eco friendly
  • Provides good ventilation and adequate sunlight.

All the above play a major role in deciding what would suit your needs. The metal shingles are in vogue now. This is because of the durability and long-lasting factor. Make use of hail shingles saskatoon. These are considered eco friendly too. The introduction to new styles of metal roofing are now available such as

  • Metal roofing in rolls
  • With vertical seam panels
  • Modular pressed panelling which can be painted or coated with granules.

What is good about metal shingles?

The above can be found in shingles, shakes and tiles. The metals must be lightweight such as aluminium, lightweight steel and zinc. Alas copper though is amazing aesthetically but expensive. They can be got in a lot many colours. They have a century of warranties. It covers your power bills as it traps heat and you convert it for your energy consumption at home and keeps the house much cooler comparatively. The metal roofing has a good fire rating and they can be installed quickly. The rain and snow hardly damage this kind of roofing and it is a recyclable material. The resistance is extremely good even though that a light weight metal is being used.

The cost factor for metal shingles make weigh your decision for closing in on this raw material without proper sheathing or padding, metal roofs are way noisier when hail or heavy rain pours. Replacing the metal panels when damages are costlier compared to other options in the market. If an actual fire is to breakout, the metal roof will act as a barrier for the firefighter to make a breakthrough. Try out hail shingles saskatoon.

How tile roofs are still good

The clay tiles are being used from time immemorial, and many still use them. It is a good option for tropical countries with hot climatic conditions. It keeps the house well ventilated and cool always. The clay option can be replaced with concrete or fibre cement tiles. The newer options are lighter in weight but with more strength. They are easier to work with and they are eco friendly too the blending of clay and wood make it ideal for making it tough yet light too. The tiles are later glazed or made waterproof.

They can last for half a century without much problems, they are good repellents to insects and fire too. You don’t have much colour options here. The heat penetration is less and the in sides of the house is much cooler when we make of these materials. The tiles can be recycled.