Ceramic Cookware: A Better Option

If we about the past stainless steel Teflon were the most popular kitchen stuff. But stainless steel got burnt real fast which add it to its disadvantage. Ceramic cookware is a cookware that is made of clay into pots or maybe pans. They are heated to make it stiff. Most recent advances made it possible to make pots and pans of aluminum or several other metals which are coated with ceramic enamel. Ceramic cookware is immune to any kind of scratches.

Ceramic cookware over the years has become one of the most demanded cookware on the cookware market and it is used as a safe alternative to Teflon.


There are two types of ceramic cookware: Pure Ceramic and Ceramic-like coating cookware

They are made up of various materials whichalter the performance. One is better than the other depending on the material. So it is important to educate oneself about the difference between a pure ceramic cookware and ceramic-like coating cookware. Knowing the difference willenable us to be able to buy safe cookware. Educating oneself will also make you confident while purchasing the cookware.

Ceramic Cookware

  1. Pure Ceramic Cookware

This type of cookware is made up of 100% ceramic material. It generally is made from clay, quartz sand and minerals. The desired kitchen shape is given to the cookware and then it is sent to harden by passing it through heat at about at about 19150 F. Beauty and looks is everything so the cookware generally goes to an extended process known as glazing process to get an artistic and look. This process also makes the cookware water durable. Ceramic cookware made of clay is also referred to asclassic ceramic cookware.

  1. Ceramic coated cookware

Ceramic coated cookware is mainly made up of metal such as aluminum. This metal is then coated with a film of a polymer which gives a ceramic appearance. The coating that is coated contains bindersand some non-stick components. This non-stick coating does not last for long. It’snot permanent. Over the span of 3 to 5 years, it loses it polymer coating and gets exposed. This could risk your health if continued with the cookware. This ceramic coated cookware is often called ceramic non-stick cookware or modern ceramic cookware.

The ceramic coating gives a hand-on of the non-stick cooking surface compromising the dangers of PFOA or any potentially toxic elements.


To differentiate pure ceramic cookware to ceramic coated cookware might be a bit tricky for many. They may be some quality defects among the too many options available in the market which could risk your health. To make things easier for you, here are the best ceramic cookwares to buy online. This list is reviewed keeping many factors in mind. These products are quality tagged. We have reduced your overall burden.