How Do You Have Your Home Furnished?

If you want to beautify your home and modernize it so it works well with your décor, you need to pay special attention to the furnishings. The ambience that you create will lend special qualities to your interior’s design.

Making Your Living Space Stand Out

Whether you live in a small apartment in Thailand or you reside in a villa, you need to find furnishings that will make it stand out. After all, high-end luxury furniture in Thailand can make even the humblest of surroundings appear palatial. Plus, this type of furniture lasts a long time. By choosing the right furniture, you can add items with designs that make them stand out even more.

When you decorate your home in Thailand, you should do so in a way that feels good to you. However, when you infuse your personality, you still have to take note of the space. For instance, you don’t want to paint the walls a dark color in a small space even if you like that hue. You still have to follow certain design principles when you are selecting paints, accessories, and furniture.

Plus, you have to consider the placement of the furniture and its height. For instance, when choosing an ottoman, you don’t want it to be too tall when set next to a sofa or chair. Otherwise, it can affect you ergonomically. Typically, this piece of furniture should be about an inch shorter than a chair or the seat of the sofa.

Make Sure That the Furniture Pieces Look Balanced

You also have to look at the ottoman’s size in comparison to the sofa’s. For example, you don’t want to place too large of an ottoman next to a smaller chair lest you make the grouping look out of balance. If a chair is smaller in scale or apartment-sized, the furnishing and ottoman should be similarly sized.

Luxury furnishings can make dramatic statements. You just don’t want them to make statements that lose the effect of placing them in a space. Not only should they be balanced in appearance but they need to complement the room’s size and overall décor.

For instance, when placing a rug, make sure that the front legs of your furniture sit upon the carpet. The rug should be about eight inches away from the wall as well. That way, your décor will create the right type of impression.

What Is the Room’s Focal Point?

When choosing furniture, too, concentrate on the room’s focal point. This focal point may be an entertainment system, fireplace, or large piece of impressive artwork. When arranging your furniture, you need to focus on this item first. Most homes have one primary point of interest within a living space. While you don’t have to face the furniture toward the focal point, you should center the furnishings around this major feature.

This means that you also have to create a center when arranging your furniture. Usually, this center consists of a coffee table, ottoman or grouping of chairs. If you are decorating a large room, you can use more than one center point to make things more interesting.