The Top 6 Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips

You can’t successfully run and manage a commercial kitchen without proper running commercial kitchen equipment. If you’re not taking the correct steps and engaging in regular equipment maintenance, then chances are you’re not securing the massive investment that you’ve made in purchasing such equipment. You should have highly trained and certified technicians showing up on a regular schedule to check your equipment. Whether it’s a deep fryer, a commercial grade refrigerator or a huge pizza oven, be sure to always take care of the equipment that keeps your business running properly. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get started.

Duct and Vent Hood Cleaning

One of the most common commercial kitchen equipment maintenance mistakes is not carrying out routine duct and vent hood cleaning. Huge amounts of grease and grime can get trapped in these ducts and vents, meaning you’re losing proper air flow. These vents and ducts should be cleaned every 6 months at least.

AES or Automatic Extinguishing System Maintenance

An ANSUL or AES system, also called an Automatic Extinguishing System, should be serviced on your equipment every 6 months. These fail-safe mechanisms are installed on your commercial kitchen equipment in order to shut it off in the event of a fire. Making sure that your AES is working properly means that your staff, restaurant patrons, and the restaurant itself are well protected in the event of a fire.

Deep Fryer Maintenance

As any commercial kitchen owner knows, the equipment item that poses the highest risk for starting a fire is the deep fryer. These machines should be fully serviced and professionally cleaned every 10 to 12 months. Failing to regularly service and clean these machines can cause dangerous fires in your kitchen.

Clean Refrigerator Door Gaskets

If your refrigerator door gaskets aren’t working properly, you’re at risk of causing the food they contain to spoil. Leaky gaskets can also cause your refrigerator to use far more energy than it would otherwise need to. Always have your commercial refrigerators regularly inspected by trained professionals to ensure they’re working properly, keeping internal food fresh, and running at an efficient level of energy consumption.

Keep Your Ranges Clean

Dirty grills, griddles and ranges are a leading cause of commercial kitchen fires. Always make sure that your ranges are professionally cleaned. Skilled professionals can fully clean these units even when it’s necessary to partially or fully disassemble them. Grease, food particles and grime can often get trapped in impossible to reach areas that only a technician will be able to gain access to.

Clean All of Your Used Appliances

If you have used a particular piece of commercial kitchen equipment, be sure to clean it fully each day it’s used. Getting into the habit of cleaning kitchen equipment every time it’s used ensures that it stays clean and well maintained. Daily cleaning also gives you a chance to appraise its condition frequently in order to assess whether or not the equipment requires more extensive or professional grade cleaning.