Decking Project Everything you need to know in choosing the right Timber

Decking Project: Everything you need to know in choosing the right Timber

Choosing the perfect wood that will be used for your floor is very important, a wrong choice of wood can make your floor frail and unreliable. It is recommended that the decking should at least last for 15 years, provided it is left unstained or unpainted. You can prolong the lifespan of your wooden floor by applying for adequate protection. But if you want to ensure that your timber will live a full life, it is important that you make the right choices in choosing the best timber for you.

Here are the important things that you should know about choosing a reliable timber for your decking material.

Decking material: The Decking material can be classified into three groups: hardwoods, softwoods as well as composites. These decking classifications come from various tree sources, softwoods generally come from evergreen coniferous trees, coniferous on the other hand are man-made out from the mixtures of synthetic and organic materials and plastics. There also different boards available from the different types of trees, so make sure that you make the best choice for your floor. Also, consider the different weather conditions in your area such as the sun and saltwater if you are in a tropical area, frost and excessive rain in others.

Composite Decking: Composite decking products have gained increasing popularity lately, primarily of a large number of product shipments coming from different countries. These products can be availed in different shades and textures as well as in different sizes and width. In theory, composite decking materials are extremely great. It is not only environmentally friendly but also is reliable. It has a mixture of recycled materials coupled with a large number of set lengths, something that is appealing to consumers. However, recent consumer reviews have found that there have been issues with the quality of these products. A lot of people who are using composite products are more careful in stocking it because of how hot they become especially in direct contact with the sun. They also have a large amount of water absorption and swelling over the board.

Softwood Decking Options: This product is considered the most popular choice for decking, primarily because they are cheaper and easier to work with compared to its other counterparts. Softwood decking provides great resistance to different weather conditions and rotting tendency and termites. It can also adjust well in minimal surface checking and its movement when it is installed. Although the Softwood Decking is not the most appealing product in terms of its appearance because of it’s green-tinged CCA considered pine, it compensates the appearance with its clear natural pale color that shines through along with its versatility. This allows the product to be clothed in almost any shade of stain beautifully.

Looking for a reliable timber can be a very daunting task, especially for a beginner. It pays when you have good recommendations as well as advice that you can get in family and friends. Who knows you can get the best deals like a Trade Discounts for Victorian Professional Builder. Make sure you do your research and make a background check about the timber quality of the service provider. Also educated yourself of the kinds of wood available in the market. This is valuable information that can help you with your next decking project.

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