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Step voltage. You probably got this idea about your ears. On the internet there are at least a few studies on this topic, but we will try to add my 3 cents here, and specifically we will try to answer the following questions:

  • Where does that determination come from and why should you bother with that head?
  • What are the reasons for this tension?
  • What is this phenomenon about?
  • How to prevent the occurrence of the step voltage?
  • What is the potential funnel?
  • Is the step voltage present at low voltage?

The idea for this article was suggested by one of the readers of the blog (greetings to Robert). As part of the rematch, we will try to talk about this issue as best as we can 🙂.

Where does that determination come from?

This term originated from the very essence of the phenomenon itself, i.e. the electrical voltage, which can arise between two points and which is spaced apart from each other at a distance of 0.5 to 1.0m, i.e. at a distance of one step. You can search now by find an electrician near me and get the best results out of it.

Under normal conditions, we can tread on the ground, which has an electric potential equal to 0V – perform short and long steps, run, jump as we can comfortably, without the risk of electric shock. It would be crazy if a man wondered if he could take a step, or if it was not worth the risk 🙂.

And yet, there are situations when putting a step can be a threat to us. It is worth knowing and, above all, knowing how to behave then.

What are the causes of the step voltage?

For the basic reasons we would include:

Electric discharges during storms or common lightning

Damage to overhead electrical lines of medium and high voltage caused by natural elements, random events or simply human carelessness

Both phenomena happen more than once what we can see when we see a storm outside the window or watching news on TV. However, statistically speaking, it seems that finding yourself close to a lightning striking or damaged power line is not so easy. Theoretically, therefore, for a man unrelated to energy, step voltage is simply rare in the world.

What is this phenomenon about?

Imagine an overhead medium voltage electrical line. The electrical voltage in such a line with respect to the earth can be, for example, 20,000V Wires at a height of several-dozen meters, many. He felt a little wind, he uprooted a tree with roots, which falling down, the last act of desperation caught on the mentioned lines, and the wire broke and fell to the ground.

Assuming that the damaged wire lies quietly, at the point of its contact with the ground, the ground electrical voltage will no longer amount to 0V only the aforementioned 20,000V. At the same time, short-circuit current, i.e. high current, will flow to the ground.