How to get rid of mice infestation?

Mice are such pest who can ruin your years of peace in just seconds. They are present everywhere. These are territorial animals, which mean they will just come across and make your kitchen their home.

It is important to know ways to eliminate mice infestation, as these rodents bring disease along with them. People can very easily get infected by exposure to the droppings or urine the mice leave behind. And it can lead to fatal diseases like HPS which can turn out to be fatal.

Here are some of the solutions that can help you get rid of these rodents:

Getting rid of these rodents could mean either repelling them or killing them or removing them so that they can no longer bother you.

Mouse traps:

These are the most common way of tapping mouse which is used to eliminate mice infestation. It is not one of the killing types, but it will help you in trapping them and disposing them later at your own peril. You can use different baits like the bait traps, multiple live traps or glue traps along with the wooden traps.

Mouse repellent:

Unlike the traditional traps, this one is a much more updated and advanced mousetrap. There is no need to kill. Just repel them. That’s right. This device uses an ultrasonic repellent method which works in different frequency modulations. The sounds are at 135 decibels, which is above human hearing detection.

Natural mouse deterrent:

The most effective and feasible way to get rid of the mouse problem is to keep your property clean and free from potential food sources. Make it a point to keep all your food properly packed and sealed in airtight containers.

Not only the food inside the house, but the outside garbage cans can also be a food source for them. Keep all the trash airtight. And also make sure to seal up very exterior opening through which a mouse can enter.

Using poison:

You can also use poison as a way to kill the mouse. But you should be very careful while using it, as it is not only dangerous for the mouse but also for you.

  • Always use sealed bait stations for use of poison.
  • Wear gloves before placing and removal of the bait.
  • Keep the poison in a safe location, away from kids.

How to recognize them?

Most of the people recognize the infestation of mice from the droppings that they leave behind. They congregate in the feeding areas of nesting.

Mice tend to chew on everything they come across. If your house gets infested from mice, you will find different things chewed upon around or even shredded corners of upholstery on the furniture. They use these shredded materials to build their house.

Houses invaded by mice also smell a bit musty, which can be felt across the entire home. And it gets stronger over by the nest.

Don’t let mice rule your property. Use the above-mentioned methods to detect and eliminate mice infestation and get rid of your rodent problem today.