It is Amazing What Tree Survey Can Do For You

It is Amazing What Tree Survey Can Do For You

Trees form an important part of the ecological system. In most cases, we just don’t want to care about trees because we think they should exist naturally and solve our problems such as providing fuel, shade, and timber. This is a very wrong assumption because trees require much care and protection the same as buildings and other properties. One of the best ways to take care of trees is through tree inspection done by professional Tree surveyor at various stages of the tree.Inspecting trees is mainly concerned with collecting different forms of data of the specific tree species. Through a specialized examination, any abnormalities are confirmed.Unlike arboricultural contractors,tree Surveys offer completely independent risk management advice and a complete assessment of tree hazards. When all these are done, the owner of the trees is provided with vital recommendations for the best decision on plants. The survey of trees is done by experts and the information provided is guided by the tree protection order.

The benefits of tree surveying are immeasurable, but it is difficult to identify the benefits before you face the challenges of planting a wrong tree or having a tree destroy your structure, your house or something. Have you ever heard of heavy rains bringing down trees or lighting striking down trees? I believe you have heard of such cases. Sometimes the incidences result to the death of people and destruction of properties, especially if the tree affected was very close to the house. Imagine a tall hardwood tree falling over your roof. The damage could be a double tragedy since lives could be lost and the house could be destroyed.

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All these tragedies could be avoided if proper planning is done before planting trees or doing landscaping in the area of development. A professional tree surveyor would provide detailed information on the kind of trees to plant, where and how far from your houses a tree should be planted. The report from the tree survey will help you make informed decisions before building your house and planting trees.

Looking at the above damages that improperly located trees can bring, we now see how important it is to carry out a survey on the trees. This could help in minimizing the liabilities. A tree survey can help achieve the following. One, it can help to draw tree safety plan, it can outline a tree safety policy, do an assessment on the tree hazards, come up with a forecast or predicted budgets on landscaping and tree planting. The survey also helps in planning and prioritizing work.

Sometimes trees suffer from internal decay and you could wake up one day to the mother of all shocks to find a tree has fallen in your compound blocking your pathway. It can be so sad. Don’t worry if you are a victim because the tree surveyor will conduct tree decay detection and give you a good recommendation on which trees to pant and which ones to avoid.