Types of Tape That Are Commonly Used

Tape has long been used as a kind of adhesive that joins two different surfaces together. However, that’s not the only purpose. Tape can be used for a myriad of other things, such as repairing damaged items, fixing leakages, and a lot more. Before tape was invented, tree saps were used by the early man to repair earthen pots. However, the history of tape only goes as far back as 1845, where the first kind of tape was invented to be used in surgical processes by Dr. Horace Day. Four years after that, Richard Drew was the man that came up with masking tape, which was the solution for the dilemma faced by car painters on how to divide lines on clean paint jobs. Today, there are a number of different varieties available in the market. You can easily buy various kinds of tape that’s designed to serve a specific purpose at your local general store. Here are just a few of the different types of tape that are still used today.

Adhesive Tape

All kinds of tape must have some sort of adhesive, right? Not true. Adhesive tape is the most common type of tape that’s available today. Some people even refer to it as “scotch tape.” But, while a vast majority of the tapes you will find all have an adhesive, they are primarily designed to fit different purposes. There are some tapes that can be used on paper, while others are designed for industrial uses. You need to visit a local stationery store or your conventional hardware store to evaluate the numerous options available to you. You can explain the purpose to the sales agent and they will be able to guide you about the best kind of tape that you can buy.

Masking Tape

PVC paint masking tape is also incredibly popular, though it’s designed for a more limited number of applications. Known commonly as painter’s tape, it’s primarily used for painting on a surface, while “masking” the other surfaces so that they aren’t splattered with paint as well. Masking tape is generally quite thin, and is relatively sensitive to pressure. It is usually applied on automobiles or other exposed surfaces for painting purposes. Once the paint job has been completed, the tape can be torn off. It’s relatively easy to apply, and the tape is usually available in large spools, so you don’t need to worry about running out so quickly.

Electrical Tape

Not all kinds of tape can be wound around a live wire or an exposed electrical socket. Instead, you will need to use electrical tape, which has a high amount of adhesive and a thicker cross section to allow for greater insulation when being used. Electrical tape is commonly used by electricians for joining two pieces of wire together or to prevent any live current in the wiring. These are just some of the several types of tape that are commonly used.