A Look at the Best Rat poisons

Rats belong to the family rodenticides. They are also recognized as rodents. They are genetically alike to humans so they are used in lab researches for new drug testing. Rats are disease transmitters. Murine typhus, salmonellosis, trichinosis, leptospirosis and rat bite fever are the diseases spread by rats as carriers.

  • Rats transmit a disease from a country to another by traveling in ships.
  • Rats also move in houses stays in the holes of a home for longer time and they start transmitting disease, contaminate food, tear the clothes etc.
  • Best rat Baits are compared based on the Price, effectiveness, ingredients, customer satisfaction and ease of use.
  • Then the poison rats are more intelligent because after watching a rat eating and dying remaining all rats doesn’t go to that way also.

Guide lines for rats poison based on rodenticides:

These are ingredients used in rat poison. There are two ingredients:

  1. Anti-coagulants
  2. Non anti-coagulants

Anticoagulants: Brodifacoum, Bromadioline and Diphacinone are anticoagulants added in poison. These causes blood of rat to become thin. Blood flows like water in body of rat. Thus leads to internal bleeding and lead to death.


Non Anticoagulants:

These are another type of rat poisons. Bromethalin is one of the ingredients of this type. It acts on nervous system of rats. It increases calcium levels thus lead to damage of kidney, heart etc.

‌Size: It is an important thing for us to know how much size of poison we need to use and how long duration it will be effective for the rat to die. Always a larger bite is preferred for all types.

‌Kill time: It is also important that how long it takes for a rat to die. Usually it takes one week. Among them also we need to think for few types which are with one feeding type and also killed for less than a week. There are also best rat poisons which can kill the rats in a day also.

‌Rodents: There are many poisons which kill only rats, few along with rats also kills pests etc.

‌Baits: Simply placing a rat poison doesn’t make rat to eat them directly, bait is a must. Peanut butter is bait used for attracting rats. This is better than cheese. Baits are also used like cereals, vegetable, bread etc.

Rats are key cause for disease spread and infection of food. So the main objective is to kill the rats and reduce the production. In a way of control each mother rat can have up to 12 babies in a family. Did you know, one rat pair just can produce 15,000 descendants in a year?

There are four step processes for rat elimination.

  • Identification
  • Inspection three
  • Control
  • Prevention

 We need to identify the type of rat, for example Norway rats a very dangerous rats, weigh 16 ounces.

Roof rats are 11 to 14 ounces. They have pointed nose, large eyes and ears.

Inspection of rodent activity can be confirmed by hearing of noises. Norway rat’s droppings are inch long blunt on each end. Roof rats poisons are pointed endings.

Clean your surroundings of home, untidy unhygienic areas should be cleaned thoroughly. By the following ways we can control rats entering into our surroundings.