Benefits If Using Emergency Power LED Light Bulb Instead Of Halogen Bulb

Benefits If Using Emergency Power LED Light Bulb Instead Of Halogen Bulb

With the recent technological advancements, even the lightings are becoming more and more advanced and efficient. LED that stands for Light- Emitting Diode, lighting is the technology that has many notable benefits, which is why it is easily replacing the CFL and halogen bulbs. These days LED technology is visible in every lighting-related appliances and even the auto industry is also starting to replace halogen light with emergency power LED light bulb.

This expanding use of LED is because of its following benefits:

Longer lifespan

LED lights usually have a longer lifespan than the traditional incandescent and halogen lightings. It has a life of approximately 30,000-50,000 hours compared to other lights that have a lifespan of around 1000-8000 hours. Since it happens to have a longer life, there is less to no need to replace the bulbs. It never burns-out; at its most, it may get dim after its usual lifespan.


One of the major advantages of LED lighting is that it is energy efficient. It reduces energy consumption by around 50 percent compared to the halogen and incandescent lightings. This advantage is mostly helpful for places where the lightings stay on for a long period. This lighting technology saves money and also energy as the light emitted from these bulbs spreads in all directions, which means less number of bulbs will be required.

Emergency Power Led Light Bulb


The usual halogen and fluorescent bulbs have problems lighting up in cold temperatures and thus use more energy, but even though the light emitted is not bright enough. But on the other hand, an emergency power LED light bulb performs well in cold temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for cold storage’s, freezers, refrigerators, etc.

Instant performance

The halogen and HID lights take a few minutes to reach their maximum lighting output, whereas LED lighting reaches their maximum the moment they are turned on. This comes handy for palaces and at times when instant light is required, such as a working space at early hours when the outside is still dark.


LED lights are known to have a longer life span, which may be because it does not heat up or uses less voltage. Still, there can also another plausible reason for the low maintenance and that is its durability during impacts and vibrations. Unlike other traditional lights, LED lights do not have a glass exterior that gets easily damaged. It is usually set up on circuit boards attached to wires, which make it more durable.

Heat emissions

Most of the halogen and incandescent bulbs use less energy to emit light and the majority gets converted into infrared heat or UV radiation, which are harmful to people and can also cause burns. Whereas LED lights do not emit any UV radiations or infrared heat.

Final words

All the above benefits make it quite clear that LED technology is a way better choice for every kind of appliances and applications. This is because most of the companies producing energy consuming appliances want to ensure customers with durability and energy efficiency, which LED lightings to provide.