Different Types of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are one of the essential HVAC systems that keep the temperature balanced inside your home. Although spring is a great time to enjoy the pleasant weather, the summers seem to be breathtaking and waiting around the corner. Humid hot summers are sometimes impossible to pass without an appropriate air conditioning system. Opening the windows and even fans won’t work as efficiently as air conditioners. However, air conditioners are found in various types, and you should find the best kind of air conditioning system for your home. Based on what experts from HVAC System Shop argue, every kind of air conditioner offers unique advantages and some disadvantages. So, you would better have a wise decision when buying an air conditioner. Here we will briefly explain about air conditioners various types:

Different Types of Air Conditioners

What Are Window Air Conditioners? 

Window air conditioners typically consist of a single unit that is placed behind the window outside the building. Window air conditioning systems are both possible to use in a single-unit home and an apartment. You can find this type of air conditioner in various models and sizes. Window air conditioners are cost-effective options for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their air conditioning system. However, they may not be as practical as you expect. It is always better to get help from a professional air conditioner installer so that there is no problem while installing the window air conditioner. A group of professionals who install air conditioner in Markham explains that you can use extra fans and window air conditioners to circulate the cooled air in the best possible way.

What Are Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps do not require a lot of energy to provide you with pleasant air during the summers. It means that they are an energy-efficient option for air conditioning systems. They also require the least air conditioning maintenance and work for a long time. This air conditioning system uses electricity as a power source and circulates both hot and cold air inside your home. So, air-source heat pumps are helpful both during the summers and winters. As mentioned previously, this is the most energy-efficient option among other air conditioners, and you can also buy them at an affordable rate. We should also note that heat pumps may not be efficient for extremely high temperatures.

Central air conditioning systems

What Are Central Air Conditioners?

Central air conditioning systems are helpful for those aiming to cool the different parts of the home with only a single air conditioner. Actually, they are so popular since they can make all the rooms cool simultaneously. Central air conditioners are consisting of two different units, one located outside the building and the other inside your home, to generate the cooled air. Central air conditioners may be the best option for big houses and residential buildings, where there are different rooms. Although this air conditioning system brings you a comfortable life during the summer, it may be expensive.

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