Main reasons to opt for serviced apartment

When travelling for work, fun, or family, you have the option of staying in a hotel or renting a serviced apartment. While these are excellent options for accommodation, you may want to give the serviced apartment in singapore orchard road option more attention. The following are the reasons why.

  1. Spacious and comfort 

Serviced apartments have twice the amount of space as a hotel room. Whether you choose a four-bedroom house or a studio apartment, you will have a separate kitchen, bedrooms, and a fully equipped working/living area. As a result, you will have additional space that is both pleasant and welcoming for you during your business trip.

  1. Cost worthy accommodation 

Apartments provide better value for money than hotel reservations. They also do not include any hidden fees, like as room service or bar drinks. In addition, they are pre-wired for internet connection. As a result, they are suitable for business travellers.

Because you rent such an apartment for a number of days, you also get lower nightly rates. You can also save money on boardroom rental by meeting your clients and business colleagues in the same apartment. This amounts to more cost savings and value for your money.

  1. Flexibility 

With an apartment, you may prepare your own home-cooked meals. You can even hire a chef to prepare meals for you at your apartment. You can also go out to eat whenever you want. This gives you the freedom and independence that any traveller requires. This is in opposition to a hotel room, where you must always eat out or stick to the hotel’s limited menu options.

  1. Quality amenities 

A serviced apartment in singapore orchard road is decorated to a high standard of excellence. You also get a modern kitchen, a well-organized living area, high-quality towels and toiletries, first-rate entertainment, and an excellent internet and communication system.

In general, a serviced apartment provides higher quality stuff and environments than a hotel room (or even your own home!). Your standard of living improves, at least for the duration of your stay in this flat. 

  1. Private space

When compared to hotel accommodations, serviced flats provide more privacy. When the inhabitants of the hotel’s bedrooms are added to the persons in the hotel’s public spaces, for he total number of people. At there you could not get any privacy. But in serviced apartments , there is 100% sure of privacy.

You can even hold your own business conference in the seclusion of your apartment using these rentals. If you are on vacation with your family, you will be able to manage your family in the same way that you do at home.