Ball Enamel Waterbath Canner Kit


What about the Ball Enamel Waterbath home canning kit?

Ball Enamel Home Canning Kit

Ball Enamel Home Canning Kit

Since 1884, American homemakers have been using Ball canning supplies to can and preserve heirloom fruits and vegetables for their families. Built to last, these economical water bath canning kits endure heavy use decade after decade. This Ball enamel home canning kit is a smart choice for anyone interested in canning, regardless of experience.

With its generous 21-quart capacity, this enamel waterbath holds up to seven quart jars. The chrome plated rack with its sturdy handles and safety sides ensures safe transfer of hot, filled jars from boiling pot to counter. The jar lifter utensil grips jars tightly giving you peace of mind in handling your precious harvest.

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Complete with a funnel, bubble-releasing spatula, and magnetic lid lifter, this all-inclusive home canning kit helps you can efficiently. Use the funnel to minimize spilling and the bubble-releasing spatula to maximize jar volume. The handy magnetic lid lifter allows you to lift lids out of hot water easily. You will see why so many rely on Ball canning supplies for practical, affordable home canning.

Product Features

Preserve Vegetables With Ball Canning Supplies

Ball Canning Supplies Help to
Preserve Your Harvest

  • 21-Quart canner: 16.4” x 14.2” x 9.4”, blue enamel-coated steel construction
  • Matching lid
  • Chrome plated rack with handles and sides
  • Jar lifter
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Funnel
  • Spatula

Things to Consider

  • This water bath canning kit is perfect for preserving the flavors and nutrients of pickles, peppers, red beets, peaches, jams, jellies, salsas, chow chow, and more.
  • With this kit, Ball Canning supplies you with all of the tools you need for home canning and preserving; just add ingredients!
  • It is affordably priced and delivers the same durability and cooking efficiency as higher priced brands.
  • The canner’s steel core promotes quick and even heat distribution.
  • The chrome-plated rack has sides that prevent jars from slipping and a handle for easy lifting. Not all jar racks have these features, which improve handling efficiency.
  • The jar lifter and lid lifter allow you to lift hot jars and lids safely.
  • The funnel helps you fill jars without spilling.
  • The smooth enamel surface is non-reactive and easy to clean.
  • There is no manufacturer’s warranty.
  • This high-capacity canner holds up to seven quart jars for water bath canning.

Care and Cleaning

The canner’s nonporous enamel surface washes easily. The manufacturer recommends handwashing for the canner, magnetic lid lifter, jar lifter, and rack. The funnel is dishwasher safe.


There is no warranty on this canning kit. For prompt service, customers should direct inquiries to the Jarden Home Brands Customer Affairs Help Line at 800-240-3340.

Ball Enamel Waterbath Canner Kit Review Highlights

Pros: kit includes all tools needed for home canning, affordably priced, durable, large 21.5-quart capacity, heats quickly and evenly, rack has handles and sides, jar lifter has molded grip for tight fit, traditional blue speckled color

Cons: most pieces should be hand washed, no warranty

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