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The Top 6 Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips

You can’t successfully run and manage a commercial kitchen without proper running commercial kitchen equipment. If you’re not taking the correct steps and engaging in regular equipment maintenance, then chances are you’re not securing the massive investment that you’ve made in purchasing such equipment. You should have highly trained and certified technicians showing up on a regular schedule to check your equipment. Whether it’s a deep fryer, a commercial grade refrigerator or a huge pizza oven, be sure to always take care of the equipment that keeps your business running properly. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get started.

Duct and Vent Hood Cleaning

One of the most common commercial kitchen equipment maintenance mistakes is not carrying out routine duct and vent hood cleaning. Huge amounts of grease and grime can get trapped in these ducts and vents, meaning you’re losing proper air flow. These vents and ducts should be cleaned every 6 months at least.

AES or Automatic Extinguishing System Maintenance

An ANSUL or AES system, also called an Automatic Extinguishing System, should be serviced on your equipment every 6 months. These fail-safe mechanisms are installed on your commercial kitchen equipment in order to shut it off in the event of a fire. Making sure that your AES is working properly means that your staff, restaurant patrons, and the restaurant itself are well protected in the event of a fire.

Deep Fryer Maintenance

As any commercial kitchen owner knows, the equipment item that poses the highest risk for starting a fire is the deep fryer. These machines should be fully serviced and professionally cleaned every 10 to 12 months. Failing to regularly service and clean these machines can cause dangerous fires in your kitchen.

Clean Refrigerator Door Gaskets

If your refrigerator door gaskets aren’t working properly, you’re at risk of causing the food they contain to spoil. Leaky gaskets can also cause your refrigerator to use far more energy than it would otherwise need to. Always have your commercial refrigerators regularly inspected by trained professionals to ensure they’re working properly, keeping internal food fresh, and running at an efficient level of energy consumption.

Keep Your Ranges Clean

Dirty grills, griddles and ranges are a leading cause of commercial kitchen fires. Always make sure that your ranges are professionally cleaned. Skilled professionals can fully clean these units even when it’s necessary to partially or fully disassemble them. Grease, food particles and grime can often get trapped in impossible to reach areas that only a technician will be able to gain access to.

Clean All of Your Used Appliances

If you have used a particular piece of commercial kitchen equipment, be sure to clean it fully each day it’s used. Getting into the habit of cleaning kitchen equipment every time it’s used ensures that it stays clean and well maintained. Daily cleaning also gives you a chance to appraise its condition frequently in order to assess whether or not the equipment requires more extensive or professional grade cleaning.



Electric Water Heater vs Gas water Heaters

Electric water heaters have become the necessity of today’s life. There are various reasons that electric water heaters are being preferred over gas water heaters and more and more people are opting for these heaters.

Following are some of the reasons why electric water heaters can stand tall amongst its competitors:

  1. Cost Effective: Amongst all the water heaters available presently in the market, an electric water heater is the most cost effective option due to its affordability. But it is important to know that the cost may vary. 

It all will depend on the capacity and size of the heater no matter how much electricity it consumes. For example, you will find the heaters that come with tank are cheaper compared to the heaters which don’t have tanks.

One more thing,on which the price can depend, is installation services of the electric heater.

Gas water heaters have more installation price as a separate ventilation system has to be installed to vent the air being produced in the combustion process.

The electric water heaters do not require any extra piping in the home because the installation system does not require it.

Sometimes you have to upgrade the electric system of your home before the installing electric water heater which may cost you little more but these is not very common.

  1. Effectiveness: The energy factor of an electric heater works a lot while checking the efficiencies of different water heaters. 

The EF factors evaluate the efficiency of the heater and tell you how effectively it heats the water, measuring the consumption of electricity while heating the water.

If you have the knowledge of EF, you easily can differentiate various heaters comparing the EF of each heater. It is very simple, the higher the EF, the higher the efficiency.

As far as efficiency prospect is concerned, an electric water heater is far betterthan gas heaters. A normal gas water heaters usually have 0.5 – 0.7 EF numbers while in electric water heaters this efficiency can go up to 0.9 which is quite high.

Generally, it is seen that most of the energy in gas heaters is lost during the process of emitting gas while on the other hand it is not present in an electric water heater.

3.    Safety: As far as safety is concerned, both gas andelectric water heaters are safe while heating water. But there are always chances of gas leakage in any gadget which runs on gas and it is same with gas heaters.

You have to maintain them well to avoid the leakage or any type of such risk. Electric gadgets also have their own risks but they are far safer especially when it comes to an electric water heater.

4.    Sourceful: Since every home has its own electric grid, they are readily available to install any electric gadget. Which means any home can install an electric water heater easily. You need not put extra wires or pipes to install an electric water heater in your home.

How to sort out repairs on your air conditioner?

Is your air conditioner messing regularly? Here is the suggestion that helps you out to clearing your air conditioner.

Air conditioners have become inevitable in everyone’s life. After completing a hectic day and returning home drained out of energy, nothing soothes more than spending time amidst of humid air, sit on your chair and relax. This is why most of the people prefer air conditioning on their home. Every penny is worth spending on air conditioner. Most intimidating thing that occurs in everyone’s life is repairs on air conditioners. Instead of letting the minute problems to accumulate day by day and makeover to major problem, it is better to clear out when the problem is undersized. Knowing the DIY in air conditioner repairs is helpful to anyone who owns an air conditioner on their home.

Learn DIY:

Learning the DIY air conditioner repair isn’t a big deal these days. Internet these days is the salvation to all your needs. Enormous of website on internet is education people about how to maintain air conditioner and DIY techniques. Researching and relying such websites are suggested to people. Everything is described clearly by the experts so that common people with zero knowledge on air conditioner repair can learn and get benefited. Make use of such websites.

Air Conditioner

Benefits of learning DIY:

Learning those DIY does offers many helps. If you think, why should I learn all those things amidst of your busy schedule, you should check out the following reasons. They lets you know the importance and benefits of learning the air conditioner repairing DIY’s.

Every time there is a minor problem on your air conditioner, you have to spend money. Learning the DIY and solving the minor problems on your own helps you to save some money.air conditioner

Once you have learned the DIY, you are not only saving your money but also clear the problems without waiting for someone’s help.  You become a handy to your needs. Not all the time, your AC mechanic reaches you on time. Most of the time, you have to remind him that you and your AC is waiting for him.  But just imagine the situations when you have learned the DIY and sort out the problems on your own. Make use of them.

It might be hard to learn all the repairs works but learning the minor repairing works would be more helpful to you.

If your confidence is stopping you from repairing it, this is the time to prefer professionals. Deep down, you know your potential and confidence in doing something audacious. When your confidence is stopping your audacity, then it is better to hear your inner confidence. Hiring the professionals would be ideal for you.  But it is mandatory to hire the licensed and experienced professional.  Try not to make any blunders while picking the air conditioner repair mechanics.

Once you sort out the problems on your air conditioner, you again start to relish your time on home.


Silicone kitchenware is quickly becoming a staple in most modern homes. It is highly likely that you have come across a kitchen gadget such as a spatula or a baking pan that is made from silicone. These kitchen items often feel like rubber, however, they are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, up to nearly 500 degrees.

People often confuse the terms silicone and silicon. Silicon is a naturally occurring element, and one of the most abundant elements on earth, second to be exact after oxygen. The silicon is a hard material can easily break apart. It is a very valuable element because of its semiconductor property, hence its use in nearly every electronic device known to man.

On the other hand, silicone is a man-made polymer compound with each of its molecules consisting of thousands of other tiny alternating molecules. These molecules are made up of oxygen and silicon atoms that are attached to numerous combinations of hydrogen and carbon particles. The length of the chain of the molecules as well as the combination used, you can find silicone as a liquid, as a gel, as a grease, and as a rubber like material. Silicone in a rubber like material is what is used in manufacturing silicone kitchenware.

Silicone kitchenware has numerous advantages. They include:

a. Silicone utensils can withstand extremely high temperatures

One of the biggest advantages of silicone kitchenware is the fact that they do not melt even under high temperature. If you accidentally leave your silicone whisk or turner in the pot for a long time while cooking, you do not have to worry about finding it melted inside the pot. These utensils also do not melt when you use them to stir very hot oil.

The scientific reason for this is silicone consists of long molecule chains that are intensely intertwined and packed tightly together. The molecules are almost too rigid to move with changes in temperature, and that is why silicone does not expand or contract easily. This is also explains why you can place hot silicone kitchenware in the fridge immediately without fearing they would crack.

b. Silicone utensils can come in a variety of unique colors

Silicone is translucent, which means it is quite easy to incorporate a multitude of colors into silicone kitchenware. Bright, multi-colored kitchenware makes them visually attractive, and they can inject some fun into an otherwise dull cooking space.

c. Silicone kitchen utensils are highly stain resistant

Silicone utensils are stain resistant owing to the non-porous nature of the material. This non-porous nature prevents the material from soaking in colors or odors, making it the perfect material for stirring spaghetti sauces as well as other deep colored foods. Their non-porous nature also makes them easy to wash and clean.
Furthermore, unlike their wooden counterparts, silicone kitchen utensils do not harbor bacterial growth, also because of their non-porous nature. This characteristic makes silicone utensils safe for contact with human food.

d. Silicone kitchenware is dishwasher safe

You can wash these utensils using the dishwasher because the detergents cannot affect the material. The scientific explanation for this is the material is chemically inert; hence, its molecules will not react with the detergent, eliminating any risk of the detergent damaging the material.

Even with all of these advantages, it is important to point out that different manufacturers create different qualities of silicone kitchenware. Silicone is made from a variety of different compounds; hence, there are numerous formulations available. Some manufacturers, in their attempt to reduce the cost of manufacturing, may create formulations that are not as high quality as you would require. At, you can expect to find high-quality silicone kitchenware products from the best manufacturers around the world.

How To Find the Perfect Washing Machine

Looking for a new washing machine goes beyond how well it cleans. Given a plethora of washers available in the market, finding the right one can be a little bit tricky. There are many factors that can affect your purchase decision. Aside from the type of machine, you may also want to look at the cleaning features of the was droogcombinatie you are planning to buy. So read on and find out how to look for the perfect washer for you.

Size of Laundry Room

If your laundry room is just small or found in a corner, a full0sized washing machine can range between 24 to more than 30 inches wide. Some have bulky and contoured fronts that can add to the width. So grab your tape measure, take down the dimensions of your space. Likewise, check if the washing machine will fit the hallways and doorways on the way to the room. For a super narrow space, your best option is a front loader.

Room Is Not In Basement

If the laundry room is not in the basement, ensure that the floor is properly reinforced to carry the weight of the was droogcombinatie. Look for a quieter model that reduces vibration and noise during the spin cycle to avoid disrupting daily life. Look for washers with a fashionable color as guests are likely to see it.

Dimensions of the Tub

If you will be washing a lot of clothes, the dimension of the tub is important. The size of the tub can range from about 2.45 cubic feet to 5.6 cubic feet. There are large capacity tubs for both top loader and front loader with the central agitator. You may also want models with programmable settings or a pedestal so you do not have to stoop over.

Consider Your Budget

Just because you have a small budget does not mean you have to sacrifice performance of the machine. The downside is that you will get fewer fancy features. You can save up to a couple of hundred dollars if you go for a white model. The traditional no-frill top loaders are the cheapest but they consume more energy. Check the Energy Guide to check the energy costs over the 10-15-year life of the machine.

Conserve Water and Electricity

If you desire to save on water and electricity, front loaders is your best option because they use less water than top loaders. The latter will need to be completely filled with water for the wash and rinse cycle. Look for Energy Star models which can reduce electricity and water by 20% and 35%, respectively. You can use the Energy Guide to compare different models. Still your actual costs will depend on your usage and utility costs in your area.

Fights Tough Stains

Tests revealed that front loaders are better for cleaning compared to top loaders. Opt for a machine with special stain removers or presoaking cycles or one with steam feature. Machines with cool temperature settings offer the ability to combine hot water with cold water that can dissolve detergents completely for better stain removal.