Presto Deep Fryer Dual Basket ProFry


Is this Presto Deep Fryer the best deep fryer?

Presto Deep Fryer Is Our Pick For Best Deep Fryer

Presto Deep Fryer With Dual Baskets

Prepare crispy shrimp and vegetable tempura, southern fried chicken, french fries, spicy hot wings, and more with the Presto deep fryer. With two stainless steel baskets, you can deep fry up to 12 cups of fresh food to crispy golden goodness in this Presto fryer.

The powerful 1800-watt immersion heating element preheats quickly and recovers oil temperature quickly after its fry baskets are submerged with fresh or frozen food. Prepare restaurant favorites in your own kitchen with this sleek stainless steel fryer. Power and performance make it our pick for best deep fryer!

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Disassembly is easy and cleanup is simple since most of this appliance is dishwasher safe. Just remove the power assembly and load the rest in your dishwasher!

Product Features

Make Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura With Presto Deep Fryer

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

  • Two 6-cup stainless steel frying baskets
  • 1800-watt immersion element
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Signal light
  • Cover with charcoal air filter
  • 11” high x 15” wide x 16” long

Things to Consider

  • This is a high-capacity 12-cup deep fryer. Dual baskets allow you to cook two types of food simultaneously or use both baskets for extra large quantities.
  • Heavy duty immersion heating element preheats quickly and ensures fast recovery of oil temperature.
  • The Presto fryer cover helps to reduce splatter and odor.
  • The removable pot, fry baskets, lid, and base are dishwasher safe. Simply remove the heating element and wash the remaining parts in the dishwasher.
  • Before adding food to the fryer, agitate the baskets a few times to mix the oil. Then, wait a few more minutes before frying. This ensures even oil temperature. For precise results, test the oil temperature with a thermometer.
  • Some consumers mention that the oil does not get hot enough to fry foods efficiently. If you stir the oil by submerging the baskets and agitating them or simply stir the oil with tongs, the oil will heat evenly and this issue is eliminated.
  • For best results, do not use cover while frying foods with high moisture content.
  • For best results, fry food of even thickness and size.
  • For crispier food, do not use the cover.
  • Some consumers mention that despite the cover and charcoal filter, there is an oil odor. This can be eliminated by placing the fryer underneath the hood of your stove. Virtually all odor is eliminated this way.
  • Batter may stick to the baskets. To avoid this issue, simply fry these foods without the baskets and remove food from the oil with a metal slotted spoon or wok skimmer.
  • Some consumers mention that the power cord is only 2′ long.

Care and Cleaning

Prestor Fryer is Best Deep Fryer

Presto Fryer Cover With Charcoal Filter

After the unit has cooled completely, remove the control assembly from the fryer. To clean this control assembly, use a damp cloth and dry it with a towel.

Remove the fry baskets and pot. All pieces other than the control assembly are dishwasher safe: lid, fry baskets, pot, and base. Wash them in the dishwasher or in warm soapy water after every use. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners. Dry all parts thoroughly before reassembling the Presto fryer.


This deep fryer is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

Presto Fryer 05466 ProFry Review Highlights

Pros: 1800-watt immersion heating element, dual baskets hold up to 12 cups of food, preheats quickly and recovers oil temperature quickly, dishwasher safe, can be used without its fry baskets

Cons: frying without the lid is more effective for some types of foods, power cord is only 2′ long

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Owner’s Manual

View a pdf of the owner’s manual for this Presto deep fryer.

Watch a Demonstration of this Presto Fryer 05466 ProFry Deep Fryer.

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