EdgeCraft Chefs Choice Food Slicer


Is the VariTilt 632 Food Slicer the Best Meat and Vegetable Slicer?

Chefs Choice Food Slicer

Chefs Choice Food Slicer

The EdgeCraft Chefs Choice food slicer is a sturdy, high-powered slicer for home use. It slices through meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruit, and soft bread in moments. For recipes requiring consistency in ingredient size, it slices fruit and vegetables quickly and uniformly.

This meat and vegetable slicer makes razor-thin deli slices or more generous 5/8” thick slices. It adjusts for upright slicing and for 30° gravity-fed slicing.

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This electric food slicer is ideal for slicing your own deli meats and cheeses and for making party trays. Make shaved roast beef, tuna carpaccio, or Philly style cheesesteaks.

This food slicer helps you make perfect sandwiches by quickly slicing through freshly baked bread without crushing it.

Use this food slicer to slice cabbage for homemade sauerkraut. Compared to a mandoline, it works effortlessly on vegetables and doesn’t wobble on your counter!

Product Features

  • This food slicer operates in two positions: upright or tilted. The 30° tilt allows gravity feed.
  • 100-watt motor.
  • The stainless steel wheel blade is 7” in diameter.
  • Slices food deli thin to 5/8” thick.
  • Child protection feature.
  • Stainless steel and cast aluminum construction.
  • Product dimensions are 14″ long x 12″ wide x 11″ high.
  • Appliance weighs 10.6 lbs.

Things to Consider

EdgeCraft Meat and Vegetable Slicer

EdgeCraft Slicer For Meat, Cheese, Vegetables, and Bread

  • This Chefs Choice food slicer is the ideal kitchen tool for recipes that require uniformly sliced food. Use it to make potato chips, pickles, sauerkraut, and apple strudel or use it to prepare fruit and vegetables for freezing.
  • This EdgeCraft slicer is excellent for cutting soft fresh bread into perfect slices.
  • Bulk foods are an economical alternative to pre-sliced deli meats and cheeses. Use this meat and vegetable slicer to slice your own deli items and to prepare your own deli trays for parties.
  • The VariTilt feature allows you the convenience of gravity feeding fruit, vegetables, and breads. This speeds up the slicing process and reduces the likelihood of damaging food during slicing.
  • The food carriage retracts completely to accommodate roasts, cheeses, cabbages, and other oversized foods up to 9” long.
  • It is equipped with rubber feet to firmly position the slicer on your kitchen counter.
  • For optimal performance, thoroughly chill meats and cheeses before slicing them. For softer meats, partially freeze them before slicing. Never attempt to slice food that is completely frozen.
  • The slicer is easy to disassemble for cleaning. However, no parts of it are dishwasher safe.
  • The stainless steel blade requires sharpening. Chefs Choice offers an inexpensive blade sharpener that attaches directly to the food carriage of this slicer.
  • Some consumers mention that they expected multiple tilt positions with the VariTilt. There are only two positions: upright and 30°.
  • Some consumers mention that the slicer is ineffective with soft, raw meat. This is easily remedied by partially freezing the meat before slicing.

Care and Cleaning

No parts of this appliance are dishwasher safe.

Wipe exterior surfaces with a soapy damp cloth. Disassemble the blade to wash it in warm, soapy water.


This food slicer is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

EdgeCraft Chefs Choice VariTilt 632 Food Slicer Review Highlights

Pros: operates upright and at a 30° tilt for gravity feed, easily slices through meats, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, and fresh bread, child protection feature, slices super thin to 5/8″ thick, sturdy construction and rubber feet keep it firmly in place on countertop, accommodates food up to 9″ long, easy to disassemble for cleaning

Cons: no parts of the Chefs Choice food slicer are dishwasher safe, soft meats should be partially frozen before slicing, blade requires sharpening, the EdgeCraft meat and vegetable slicer is expensive

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