Things You Need to Consider in Choosing Fascia Boards

One of the least noticed part of your house is the fascia. Both the soffit and fascia are parts of your roof that does not only bring aesthetics but also plays an important role to maintain the overall quality of your house. Choosing the right fascia in Etobicoke is just similar in looking for fascia in other places.

Just like any part of your house, planning for your fascia takes time and effort. Though it is least noticed in your house, you should not ignore it as it plays a big role. Aside from making your house look good, it keeps your place dry and well ventilated.

Function and Design of Fascia In Your House

The fascia actually brings a balance of aesthetics and function to your house. It is just a small part of the roof as it sits on the edge and connects the rafters. In line with this, it should be durable and be in correct size to fit your roof.

The main role of the fascia is to protect the parts of the roof from water damage. It also helps in keeping your house dry by preventing entry of water and moisture. Aside from water damage, it can also prevent pest from infesting your roof.

Types of Materials Used For Fascia

Unlike soffit, fascia is limited on materials. It is not made from various types of materials. Rather, modern fascia is commonly made of either vinyl or aluminum. Older fascia is made of wood and is vulnerable to decay.

Currently, most companies use three types of material for your fascia.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is the most common material for fascia. It is because of affordable cost and lightweight features. If you have existing fascia, you can fasten the vinyl fascia boards to the wooden fascia directly.

  1. Aluminum

Just like vinyl, aluminum fascia boards can be directly attached to existing wooden fascia boards. This is more preferred by companies because of its durability. It is a costly material but it can last for decades and lessen your worries.

  1. Composite Lumber

Fascia made of composite lumber is becoming prominent but is hindered by its cost. The composite lumber components vary from manufacturers but it is commonly made up of recycled plastic and wood. Aside from its high durability, it also looks appealing to the sight.

The Bottom Line

Installing fascia boards are easier compared to soffit but leaving it to the experts is still the best choice. Aside from knowing the materials for your fascia, you should also know how it affects to the design of your house.  Just remember to balance aesthetics and function the next time you plan to install fascia for your house.