Different kinds of Pests that Cohabitate and the Finest Options to keep them Away

Cohabitation of man and insects has been happening for a long time. As soon as the house was built and the occupants settled, different insects, including pests, start to live in it. Fighting her presence was problematic. Even if you consider your home as an example of cleanliness and believing that your apartment does not have pests or insects, still there are chances that different species will visit you from time to time. We propose to arm ourselves with knowledge about who we can share the territory with and what to do so that they do not exist.


The most successful “conquerors” are cockroaches. These insects are found in sewer pipes, garbage chutes, in any slot and any technology. The Seattle Exterminator will offer you great support in this case. The cockroaches can penetrate from dirty entrances and settle in the kitchen, carrying a pathogenic microflora, infecting it with food and kitchen furniture. Each of us at least once in life met with a red cockroach. They love to settle in rooms with a source of moisture, the remains of your meals at the corners, with secluded cracks or other places of shelter. But your kitchen will not be attractive for them, if you make repairs, you will monitor the lack of moisture in the area of washing, there will be no leftovers on the countertop, you will do a wet cleaning every day and apply a suitable insecticide.


The most challenging thing is to get rid of ants. Pharaohs or domestic ants are highly organized beings. The difficulty in eradicating them is that they build nests in a remote location, often outside the apartment, and food stocks create workers who make paths through your kitchen, creeping out of the dull places. Often ants from one nest are simultaneously mastering several apartments. Therefore, until the uterus is destroyed, you will be their involuntary breadwinner. But after tracing their way you can cope even with the red ants.


The very name of the lice says that they live in a damp, wet place. When you saw a slag near the sink – dial the number of plumbing: you have damaged sewage or water supply and somewhere leaks. A variant is possible when the lice come to you from neighbors. Harvest them the same way as cockroaches.


Bugs, which are planted in places of storage of bulk products, cause a lot of trouble. They are small and can be found not only in cereals and dried fruits but also in the cracks of kitchen furniture. If such bugs strike your products, then you need to throw away all affected products and wash the cabinets carefully.


The emergence of flies with the installation of new plastic windows equipped with grids became practically impossible. In other variants, with flies, they successfully cope with sticky ribbons, using traditional methods, rubbing frames with vinegar or aero sprays.


Moss appears in places of putrefaction. Carefully check the secluded spots, whether the potatoes or the onion head was not littered. In summer, especially during the ripening of berries and vegetables, the number of midges increases. Do not leave uneaten food on the table.

The Seattle Exterminator offers the best options now for eradicating most of the pests mentioned above, from your living area.