What makes Ceiling Fans Unique

Ceiling Fans for Every Home

Ceiling Fans are need of every home. Without a ceiling fan we can’t imagine how to beat the summers. After the invention of ACs their usage is dropped. But in long run they are cost effective and can be maintained easily without any need of maintenance as is required for air conditioners. It’s thus high time that to save our electricity bills we stick on the best ceiling fans that provide cool breeze air and are cheaper than ACs which can be adjusted according to winter and switched off at the time of winter when they are not much in use.

Today you need not compromise with your ceiling fans as they also available with lighting options without the need of installing extra bulbs in your rooms. Get cool air and lighting from the same fan with single switch at your own convenience. So if you are in search of such unique ceiling fans then you must visit Gallery nine 5 who have wide range of collections in their fans sections that are unique and meet every customer needs true to their budget that are functional to provide you both cool air and lighting.

Follow these simple steps to select your ceiling fan with light:

  1. There are hundreds of varieties of ceiling fans with light fixtures available in many leading fan supplier stores. No need to worry if you are in search of best ceiling fan supplier. For your convenience here is our effort to let you know about Gallery nine 5 who is leading supplier of several products that are need of every home. Visit their site to choose your kind of ceiling fan that provides you lighting as well.
  1. The first step which every buyer should ensure is selecting the right size of ceiling fan according to their room size. As if you purchased a wrong one it may not give you the desired cooling for which you installed them. Your fan blades and its motor are important part to decide the cooling of your room. Hence ensure that you choose 29” fan for your small rooms and 42” fan for your big rooms. If you need to install a fan in hall that is very big then go for 52” ceiling fans where your hall can work with single or double fans of same type.
  1. Once the selection of ceiling fans is done the next step is you need to find the right space for you fan. For better placement of these multi-functional ceiling fans please follow these set of instructions:
  • If possible place your ceiling fan close to the center of the room, as if you fixed your fan at irregular space, you may not receive that cooling of air and lighting as you need.
  • Every ceiling fan holds three blades and they should be at least 18 inches placed away from the nearest walls.
  • Choose unique ceiling fans that are ideal for gifting and fits true to size according to the height of your ceiling to ease you full comfort. Make sure your fan is above 7 feet from the floor and if placed less than 8 foot high, then hung it with using a low-profile venting from the ceiling.


Buy a Gallery nine 5 ceiling fan that gives you cool air and lighting with one switch away. They are cost effective and consume less energy than ACs to save you from huge electricity bills. Just monitor the right location and fix them accordingly to access their both features.