Design Your House Exterior Effectively

Design Your House Exterior Effectively

Whether you own a double-story house or single-detached, designing it’s exterior can be a tricky job. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. Some of these will impact the outcome of your project, like those that need heavy cash.

You mustn’t put on accessories that are unrelated and insignificant. Instead, use relevant  materials that will improve your exterior’s appeal efficiently.

Consider these ideas below to help you achieve an alluring facade renovation:

Install a Covered Entrance 

A perfect covered entrance is an ideal design that will improve your home’s curb appeal. Not only that, this one will also be of great help during the not-so-good weather days.

You can install a small portico covered with pediment. This will show your covered entrance a colonial-inspired look. A look that will grab the attention of your visitors and even the passers-by.

facade renovation

Make Use of Lanterns 

Bring significance and meaning to a plain facade by using proper light fixture. You may try using either a traditional or electric lantern, this depends on your preference. By using this, you are adding more energy to the main door and overall look of the facade.

In your facade renovation goal, make sure that the lanterns you are using compliments with the type of door you installed. This will lead you to the third idea.

Design Your Door 

Since it’s best to match your outdoor lantern with your door, make sure that it’s well-painted or properly styled. If you notice that the door doesn’t complement with what is mostly seen in your exterior, this means that you need to re-design or the least, change your door.

A door that shows a different style can create a great impact. This will also attract every visitor’s eyes. With that, you need to install a door that incorporates a shade of glass. Installing a glass-inspired door will lighten up a dull and heavy-looking facade.

You can also look for a door type that matched the architectural look of your overall house design. Just make sure it has a more detailed construction or light compared to your current door.

Hang Window Boxes

It is known that window boxes are attractive. However, the wrong use of this window design can just decrease the alluring look of your overall facade. You need to make sure that you’re using the right one.

Consider reflecting your theme for your facade renovation and try buying window boxes that will suit your theme. With the right window box, your facade will look seamless and it will automatically add on to a great architectural feature.

Add Dormer Windows

This option is quite costly, but if it will suit to your preference, you can install one. If this is right to your taste, this can boost your facade’s appeal. For these accessories, you can also try to seek some advice from professionals so you can get the right one.