How Do I Take Care Of Lawn After Applying The Slit Seeding

Using a method called slit or slice seeding to revive your grass has a high chance of success rate to restore the beauty of your lawn.

This will increase more if you can apply it right. The result of slice seeding before and after can be seen noticeably once you apply the best way for taking care of it. Before we jump on this topic, some of you may ask what is slit seeding and how can it help my lawn? Therefore, we will discuss first the definition of this method.

What Is Slice Or Slit Seeding And How Does It Works?

This process involves a machine called slice seeder which is basically the tool for making this method. The slice seeder machine is equipped with several sharp iron blades that rotate and slices the soil. Thus, the name itself comes from this method.

While it slices the soil under this machine, it creates a gap and drops the seeds inside. It is a very suitable way of planting seeds. While some other machines like over seeders only scatter the grass which birds, insects, or other animals can pick up that will result in a low germination success rate.

If you would compare the planting method of slice seeder machine to over seeder machine, it is no brainer that slice or slit seeder is more superior and expert for planting grass seeds.

Now that you know how this machine works, we are going to discuss how to prepare your lawn before applying this technique.

Lawn Preparation 

Before you attempt to do this, a soil test is necessary to find out if the nutrients around your turf are enough for growing a new set of grass. Call your local or nearby soil expert to get a sample of your soil. Also, do not assume that fertilizer will fix your soil. It is important to find out which type of nutrients needs to apply to your lawn before you do this.

Now think about which kind of grass would you like to grow. There are times that you are not sure so to solve this, call your local lawn service care to recommend to you which type of grass is best around your place.

After that, it is important to remove some garbage, stones, rocks, debris, leaves before you use a slice seeder machine because you need to make sure that the surface is smooth and won’t get a snag when using slice seeder.

Once you got the result of soil tester, you can apply the type of the recommended fertilizer for your lawn.

What To Do After Slit Seeding Has Finished?

To make it short, you need to make sure that your lawn is always getting enough water. So keep it moist for at least three weeks. After that, you can start to water it more especially in summer or during intense heat.

Avoid watering it at night or evening not unless you need to do it. When the grass is not fully matured, it is also important to keep from stepping on it. And during fall, remove the fallen leaves of your trees to make sure that your grass gets enough sun.