Why Should You Always Hire BEA Accredited Builders

Why Should You Always Hire BEA Accredited Builders?

BEA is building advisory that specializes in offering support, advice, and awareness to builders. It was founded some years back by two expert builders who didn’t like the way builders were being presented. The intention of starting this organization was to offer builders all the assistance they needed for them to succeed. It is one of Australia’s best organization that aims to control the quality of builders the end customer is exposed to while hiring. Our main goal is to make it possible for hard-working and smart builders to succeed and customers to always find the best builders.

World-Class Inspections

BEA has a Quality Assurance program that aims to offer protection to customers.  The program requires each BEA accredited builder to invest real time to conduct independent site inspections before they start working on your home construction project.  The builders have to perform regular and quality inspections of every stage of the construction to make sure the building is up to the set industry standards. The best thing our program is that it gives you the power not to pay the builders until our expert inspectors visit the building to confirm if it complements with the set industry standards.

Builders Warranty Insurance Australia

Peace Of Mind

Nothing puts more stress on a potential homeowner than working with a builder who asks for money even when the project is poorly done. When you hire one of the specialized BEA accredited builders, you can rest assured that the project will be done to your expectations. Not until BEA have inspected the project to confirm if it conforms to the set industry standards will you pay the builder as per the agreed deposit amounts. In case we find out that the builder has done a shoddy work that does not meet the quality standards, we will protect you against paying for a job poorly done. We will also help you hire another more reliable and dedicated builder.

Quality Assurance

Building is more than just having the right supplies and equipment. It constitutes a mixture of professionalism, industry experience, the right equipment, training, and the right supplies. Our builders are well-checked and carefully examined to make sure they are qualified to offer building services in both commercial and domestic areas.  Before we list any builder on our website, he or she must have wooed us in the way they have been doing their previous projects. We always take it as our job to speak with their previous customers to know if they are as good as they claim.

BEA works with some of Australia’s best insurance brokers. We always make sure that all of our builders have Builders Warranty Insurance Australia.  None of the builders in our list does have builders warranty. Before we can allow any of them to join our team, they must have acquired the right insurance coverage with the right insurance companies. This simply means that if things go south during the construction work, you won’t have to pay for the cost of the damages or hospital bills of the injured builders.