Move House

5 Things to Do Before You Move House

There are numerous things to keep in mind when it comes to moving to a new home. From signing the paperwork to organising how your possessions will be moved, it is evident that relocating needs prior planning.

When planning to move, various things will need to be done in advance to ensure a smooth relocation. Below are some of these things and a few tips to ensure a happy and stress-free move.

1. Get enough and the right packing materials

You ought to pack all your belongings using appropriate packing materials. Otherwise, you risk damaging your possessions. In addition to getting the right packing materials, you have to ensure that the boxes are strong enough to keep up with the weight of the items you plan on packing in them. This is crucial to prevent your valuables from breaking through the boxes and spilling on the floor.

Be sure to get bags or boxes that can be sealed after packing your items to ensure their safety against weather conditions such as rain. This is an important factor to consider, especially if your relocation falls within the rainy season. Also, be careful on the kind of boxes that you pick; boxes that had previously stored food can leave nasty odours on your belongings.

2. Look for a reliable removal company

Moving your house can be challenging, especially if you have no specialists involved. Professional removalists have the right skills and equipment to move your house effectively. Besides, they are highly trained to ensure the most careful and professional relocations regardless of any obstacles.

reliable removal company

Hiring a removalists service will require financial sacrifice, but it is very much worth it. You get to leave all the heavy lifting to the removalists. Removalists from reputable moving companies have proper licensing and insurance covers. The insurance coverage is a guarantee of compensation in case any damages happen to your goods during the relocation.

3. Prepare your children and pets for the move

Children and pets can be chaotic, causing disruptions to the removalists. The professional movers will be handling heavy items and might fail to notice the presence of your young ones, therefore exposing them to the risk of being hurt. This makes it essential to have a plan of where to locate your children and pets during the moving day.

It would be best if you organised to get your children out of the house before the moving experts arrive. You can ask someone close to you to watch them till the movers have finished getting belongings out of the house. For the pets, make sure that you confine them in a safe room prior to the moving process.

4. Make changes to your utilities

You must switch your utilities right before the move. However, this should be among the last things to do. Just make sure that you have the whole moving process figured out before you call for utility changing services.

Changing your utilities is vital, especially if you will be moving to a newly built house or a home that has never been occupied before. Also, do not forget to make a maintenance call to re-establish the service.

5. Get insurance

Insurance coverage is very important when relocating. This is to protect you from any unforeseen losses. Before getting the insurance, make sure that you check on the insurance coverage of your removalists.

Professional movers typically have insurance cover. However, the coverage of their insurance could be limited, leaving you with some responsibilities. Make sure that your insurance covers every aspect that the removalist’s insurance does not.