5 Ideas for a Warm Winter Living Room

Winter is here, and you will want to be well-prepared for it before those cold breezes strike! In this season, most of us stay home, trying to remain warm as best we can.

Relaxing in a warm winter living room is such a pleasure. Here are some methods you can use to achieve this.

Install a Heater or a Fireplace

Nothing warms the atmosphere of a room quite like a wood heater. Fireplaces are your best bet when you want a stable heat source to snuggle close to, and these days most wood heaters are also modernised for better heat distributing efficiency.

You can also consider adding a comfortable chair with a wooden throw rug over it to maximize the warmth retention surrounding the hearth. Having firewood and some woolly fabrics in the same space as your living room can create a wonderful sense of warmth and coziness.

Rearrange Some Furniture

If you already know the colder and warmer areas of your living room, you can rearrange your furniture around these spots. Keep the couches away from the cold air around the windows or walls to keep yourself warmer.

You can also divert your larger furniture pieces away from any radiators or heating ducts to ensure that heat can flow through your living room freely rather than reaching only one small corner of the space.

Stock Up on Winter-Friendly Textiles

Warm up the living room of your home with the right textiles. We are not just talking about your clothes either – even your choice of curtains and rugs can make a difference in the cold weather!

Add a large rug in your living room to keep your feet off the cold floor surface. You can also add a smaller rug near your couch for more insulation. Opt for a heavier curtain with insulating properties this season to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. They make a significant difference.

Cover Cold Surfaces

Cover tabletops, couches and other surfaces with fabric where you can. You can use tablecloths, decorative rugs or any different types of cloth.

This practice prevents you from accidentally getting into contact with freezing surfaces. These fabrics can also trap and retain heat, helping to keep the heat in your living room better.

You can take this practice one step further by adding some decorative candles on stands and tables. It might be a small addition, but every bit of warmth helps.

Use Timers on Your Central Heating

Use your central heating just as needed instead of having it running for the entire day. Turn on the heater a little earlier than you believe you will need it.

As an example, you can set your heater to switch on half an hour before you wake up in the morning or 30 minutes before you get home from work. This way, your living room will be just warm enough when you are back and in need of the extra heat.

It is more cost-efficient to switch your central heating on earlier and at a lower temperature, compared to if you turn it on at a higher temperature right when you need it.

Image Pexels License CCO