beach and coastal curtains

What are the different types of curtains?

When you have to choose a curtain for your home, you need to consider various factors. There are many types of fabrics, finishes, colors and curtain rod, it is quite interesting to choose a curtain type. This is not cheap either and it is good to get the right one to your room at first processing without second option. Curtains are differentiated based on the type of material used and the way it is stitched and hanged. Here we will see the curtain type based on the stitches and view.

  • Box pleated curtains – It gives a tailored look with drape into folds down the length of the curtains. The box shapes line up next to each other that create the formal and pleated look. This is ideal for formal rooms.
  • Pod pocket curtain – This is used for nets and lightweight fabrics that cannot be opened or closed frequently. This is left open at the ends. This curtain best fits to use with the formal sitting room.
  • Pinch pleated curtain – This gives the curtain a decorative finish at the top and quite formal finish than rod pocket with standard gathering. This pleating will work with every fabric types. There are various types of pinch pleating and few of them are finger pinch pleating, two finger pinch pleating, three finger pinch pleating, four finger pinch pleating and five finger pinch pleating. With increase in number of pleats, use of fabric amount increases.beach and coastal curtains
  • Eyelet curtain – It is ideal for light to medium weight fabrics like beach and coastal curtains This includes silver rings at the header that is helpful in rod weaves through. This kind of curtain is easy to hang and makes the free style hanging for kids bedroom
  • Tailored pleat curtain – It is similar to pinch pleat. But the pinch starts at top and falls down the place. It is also called as euro pleat.
  • Goblet pleat curtain – If you are looking for a formal curtaining then this is the best choice which is even suitable for high ceilings.
  • Tab top curtain – This also has loops like eyelet curtains type. This is suitable for informal kind of style.
  • Sheer curtain – This is used when you need lightness to window. This allows little privacy and filters light.
  • Pelmets and valances – This is mainly a decorative framework that is used to conceal the curtain fixtures in window casing.