Marble Tiles: Your Perfect Flooring Partner

If you are planning to build a house or renovate your current one, keeping a special tab on flooring is very important. As the base of your house the floor goes through a lot, so choosing a material that is durable, hard and has a certain aesthetic appeal is very important. And what’s better than marble tiles to provide you such benefits. Marble has been the material of choice since ancient times but the sudden emergence of ceramic, porcelain and faux marble tiles took a share from marble’s popularity. But this scenario is now changing as marble is slowly gaining its popularity back.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Marble Tiles That Will Make You Understand Why You Should Opt For It:

Appeal: Original marble tiles are magnificent, they not only look good but they are truly unique. Marble has a wide range of colours and designs and you will never find two marble pieces that are alike. Naturally, the appeal of marble flooring is very different than any other material; also marble brings certain grandeur to your household.

Durability: Marble is a highly durable material and it has proved its durability in a number of buildings over the world lasting for more than a century. Other floor options also provide durability but a pure and strong material like marble quite naturally has followers of its own. Also, the use of synthetic material is now decreasing for their obvious disadvantages.

Marble Tiles

Shattering Resistant: A big plus point of marble tiles is that they don’t get shattered easily. While other synthetic options get shattered once you drop something heavy on them but in case of marble this chance is next to none. So, think ahead and choose marble to avoid cracked tiles.

Insulator: Marble tiles are widely recognized as an excellent insulator. It keeps the temperature cool in the hot summer days and even under direct sunlight. So, marble is an excellent option to keep the temperature of your house in check.

Apart from these obvious benefits Marble tiles offers some other extra benefits too. The versatility of marble is unquestionable, so you can use it anywhere in your house, starting from the bedroom to bathroom to kitchen. Apart from being a choice for flooring, marbles can be used as bench tops, kitchen table top, outdoor racks, table tops, etc. Due to its aesthetic appeal marble accessories looks apart everywhere. Due to its light reflective property marble gives a sense of spaciousness and the room looks brighter. Particularly light colour marble tiles are very popular. Unlike other materials, marble is easy to maintain. Daily wiping and cleaning with soft clothes keep the shine intact and polish in every five years will only increase the longevity of the floor.

These above-mentioned benefits only emphasize the point why marble has been the material of choice for centuries. Even though marble is a little expensive than other materials but this extra cost upfront will benefit you in the future.

So, don’t fall for the marble lookalike choose the original marble tiles.