Top 10 Reasons Sellers Fire a Real Estate Agent

Sometimes sellers fire a real estate agent. Sometimes the reasons they do it are valid, and sometimes sellers fire an excellent real estate agent for wrong reasons. If your real estate agent is good at what they do, but they have not sold yet, give them a little more time instead of firing them on the spot. The following are some of the reasons why sellers may decide to fire an agent:

If They Lack Communication Skills

Communication is a significant thing in selling and buying property. A real estate agent usually sorts out by many people through phone calls, messages, and emails. They must get back to the people trying to communicate with them especially if they have a deal, a partnership, agreement or a contract. As a seller, you naturally want to know what stage they are in, what they are up to and to keep getting updates. An agent with excellent communications skills will not always wait to be called every time. They will always inform you of any developments and answer your calls and emails when you have a question or need clarifications. Sellers need information about their listings, and they would prefer this to remain in the dark

If They Didn’t Find A Buyer

A seller also requires information about what the agent is doing concerning looking for a buyer. If the agent is incompetent in this area, the seller may have to fire them. For example, a sign in the yard may not be the most effective means to attract many prospective buyers. A good agent puts more effort, and they are the ones who network among other agents and looks for buyers through them. They also use online tools.

Bad Photographs in MLS

Sellers can go online to look for the photos displayed of their property and find that the agent took very shoddy photos and uploaded. After looking at the listings online, the seller may decide to tell the agent to take them down and take better pictures or fire them depending on how bad the photos looked. Sometimes such things only show that the agent is not interested in the seller’s interest or they do not care. No one wants to work with an agent who has a do not care attitude because it means they will assume many vital things.

Poor Marketing Efforts

A seller may decide to fire an agent because they do not put in enough effort into marketing. Agents should offer other methods of marketing apart from MSL. They can suggest radio; video or virtual tours in addition to print. The agent needs to put in a little more effort.

If They Don’t Listen To The Seller

The seller is the owner of the property, and there are things that they want. The agent should always acknowledge this instead of dismissing everything the seller tells them. If they feel like the suggestions of the seller will do more harm than good, then they should explain this to them instead of acting like the owner and sole decision maker.

If The Agent Displays Unprofessional Behavior

The real estate agent must remain professional throughout. They should be respectful to the seller, to the buyer’s agent and anyone else they meet. Unprofessional behavior will ultimately lead to getting fired.