Choosing A Fireplace: Things To Consider

Choosing A Fireplace: Things To Consider

A fireplace can make your place more desirable and comfortable. A fire is a beacon of warmth and goodness, especially during the cold winter nights. Aside from providing a relaxing glow and heat, it also alters the entire ambience, value, and the interior design of your home. There are many available fireplaces in the market. You can even get custom designer fireplaces for your home. Before you decide which one to get, there are some things you should consider.

Mounting options

You have to be careful when choosing a mounting type because not all options go well with all fuel types. Hanging a wood-burning fireplace on the wall is not a great idea.

  • Free-standing fireplace

It has a modern look, usually comes with a mantel, and emulates the look of a traditional built-in fireplace. You can attach this type to the ceiling or the wall. It can also be free-standing. You can choose from different designs, such as rustic, contemporary, and modern.

  • Built-in fireplace insert

You can slide your gel, gas, electric, or ethanol insert into the current opening of your conventional open-hearth fireplace. Your fireplace insert will occupy the existing space. That is great if you do not want any reconstruction in your home. It is also an excellent way of converting your high-maintenance wood-burning fireplace.

  • Wall-mounted fireplace

This type is ideal for small-sized apartments or homes. There are a few self-contained wall-mounted fireplaces. You can move it from one room to another. There is a wall-mounted fireplace that uses a chimney and one that does not need ventilation. The type you should get depends on the fuel you will use.

  • Traditional open-hearth fireplace

You have this built into the wall of your home. You will need a chimney or flue for ventilation processes. It is one of the most expensive high-priced mounting options available since it comes with a lot of construction work.

custom designer fireplaces

  • Hanging

Not everyone prefers this design because of its modern, innovative design. It creates an eye-catching focal point in your home because you hang it from the ceiling.


You should know the fuel type of the fireplace. Your chosen fuel type should have an excellent mounting option with an attractive design. The design should be suitable for the location where you plan to place it.

  • Wood-burning

This type is an age-old traditional fireplace. The fuel used here to create heat is wood. Some people do not prefer this because of the roaring and crackling fire. The cost and maintenance aspects of it lowered the demand for this type.

  • Gas

Gas types are the best alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. It is a reasonable option with the easy installation process, and it is also affordable up-front and very efficient.

  • Gel

This one is not as popular as the gas type. The best characteristic of this one is the easy installation process. A gel fireplace is a versatile product. It is self-sufficient and lightweight, making it easy to mount on your wall.