Importance of mopping the floors of your house

Every person wants to stay in a neat and clean house. But everyone can’t put an effort in cleaning their houses. Everybody are very busy in their hectic schedules and can’t find time even for cleaning their houses regularly. People think that taking rest in more important than any other thing as they find less free time. But this is the wrong assumption by many people. When you enter the house after a busy day, the good and clean environment of your house gives you peace of mind. There are many other reasons for making your house look neat and clean. You need to mop your house regularly to make the floor free from the dust. The dirt on your floor may infect you and may cause severe illness. Uncleansed floor has microbes and may infect you when you eat something on sitting on your floor. The easy and simple way of cleaning your floor is with the usage of mop.You can mop your house using many types of disinfectant solutions to free your floor with microbes. Even the mops are made with many features to make your work more easy. The mopnado mop is more automated and you can clean your floor easily.

How to clean your floors with mop?

  • The dust present in the floors can be mopped , vacuumed or swept. Once the floor is free from the dust you can clean your floor with the wet mop. You need to carry the water with the cleaning solution along the way you mop your floor. There are different techniques to be followed while you mop your floor.
  • When you use the string mop for cleaning your floor, you need to use the string mop method.For the floor that is heavily soiled, you need to mop daily or even twice a day. For the floor with the less dirt you can mop on alternative days or even once a week.
  • If you find more dust or soil in your floor, you need to mop twice. You can wet the entire floor when you mop it first time. Make sure you wet the entire floor. This will remove the sticky dirt on your floor. Cover the entire edges of the floor leading to the centre of the floor.
  • You can use the figure of eight and overlapping strokes while cleaning your floor. When you complete cleaning the entire floor for the first time, you can turn to the other side of the mop that is clean.
  • When the both sides of the mop is filled with dirt after cleaning, you can wash the mop in the bucket.


Hope you got an idea about the technique of cleaning your floor.