Cook in Your Dream Kitchen at KiWi Kitchen

Cook in Your Dream Kitchen at KiWi Kitchen

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, your dream is to own the perfect kitchen. And now that more and more teens are gaining interest in cooking at home, some even looking for part-time jobs as chefs and cooks, it’s definitely about time to invest in one of these:

  1. Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens with appliances integrated into the cabinets keep your countertop uncluttered while providing easy access to appliances like a mixer, blender, and food processor. It also maximizes the use of space (most under cabinet ovens fit two units) and saves energy since you do not need to heat extra rooms to use the stove. Plus point: You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets bumping into the appliances and hurting themselves. Most integrated units come with safety features such as child locks and hidden switches that prevent electrical shock.

  1. Designer Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, lighting has become more than just a bright idea when it comes to KIWE Kitchen design. It also plays an essential role in creating an excellent working atmosphere and even boosts your creativity, which is why most designer kitchens include overhead recessed lighting (with adjustable louvers). Other options: wall sconces for task lighting and under-cabinet lights to make sure you can see what’s inside those lower cabinets.

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  1. Base Cabinets with Built-in Seating

They may look like ordinary cabinets but wait until you open them up! There’s a hidden secret hiding in the base of your kitchen cabinets—a built-in bench that can serve as an additional seating area for guests during parties.

  1. Nature-inspired materials and finishes

Your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be all white, no matter how popular it is in movies and shows! Kitchen designs with nature-inspired elements such as wood floors, solid wood cabinetry, and stone countertops are gaining more popularity these days because they add warmth and personality to your cooking space. Of course, you can also choose from a wide range of colors available with laminates, tiles, or even paint. And if that is not enough, try mixing different patterns on one wall for a quirky look.

  1. Designer Faucets

Designer faucets are more than just your ordinary-looking fixtures used for turning the water on and off. They’re popular items in home decor stores—their stylish designs add beauty to the kitchen, especially when combined with designer lighting fixtures.

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances

The kitchen is the perfect place to install energy-efficient appliances because it’s where you do all your food preparation, which means that you’ll be using quite a lot of electricity every day! Standard-sized kitchen appliances can save up to 20% more energy compared to their predecessors. Plus, they are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recyclable aluminum or non-toxic insulation used in refrigerators.