If you see a rat once a day, this indicates a stronger infestation by a larger pack. In older buildings, you can often hear rustling or scratching noises from chimneys, false ceilings or hollow walls when black rats are infested. With such noises alone, however, it is unclear which animals are exactly.

However, several signs indicate a rat or mouse infestation: On their fixed routes from the nesting sites to their food sources, rats leave traces of excrement and urine behind which the animals can be identified.

Optical distinguishing features: Rat or mouse

In house rats, these tracks are usually found in the form of elongated and widely scattered droppings. Brown rats droppings are found in the more spindle-shaped droppings that lie together in piles. The pests paths usually run directly along walls or walls. Based on the amount and condition of the faeces residues, statements can be made about the size of the infestation and the increase within the herd. Since the animals also have a pronounced gnawing and rooting behaviour, they leave a lot of bite marks and damage to food leftovers, food supplies, plastic bags, wooden crates or electrical cables.

The incisors of the animals grow back continuously, which leads to regular wear of the teeth and fresh gnawing marks in the form of sharp contours on materials made of wood, plastic or aluminium near the walkways at short intervals. If you see a rat or notice any of the signs of a rat infestation, you should immediately initiate appropriate rat control measures.

 If you notice a rat on your property or see signs of rat infestation, contact a professional pest controller who will take care of your problem. Also, contact a potential landlord and explain the facts to them. Rats are pests who can spread disease by smearing objects and contaminating food. In addition, they can sometimes cause considerable damage to your property. A professional exterminator will help you successfully fight the rat infestation and prevent further infestation.

Rats run into your building through mostly underground openings in basements or the sewer system. Especially in the colder winter months, they look for shelter and food indoors. In factories, rats can also be brought in via the movement of goods. The best remedy against a rat infestation is the professional development of a pest monitoring system against rodents to detect an infestation at an early stage. In this way, suitable countermeasures can be initiated in good time.

In addition, as many structural defects in the building as possible should be eliminated both in the fight against companies and in private living spaces. This is the only way to prevent further infestation by rodents effectively and in the long term.

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