The Top Four Most Popular House Styles this 2021

The Top Four Most Popular House Styles this 2021

Do you ever dream about building a house of your own? Do you want something custom-made for the builders blackburn to do for you? If so, there are tons of architectural house styles you can choose from, which can be the basis of your custom home. One of the many reasons you should consider a custom home is that you get the freedom to pick whatever architectural design you want. The best part is you can make it into something your own. And with the right team of builders, you can get that house you’ve always wanted.

A custom home will make your living means easier. You can choose a conventional style but still, have all the modern conveniences. It largely depends on you, and your architecture will try to make it work. So if you’re wondering what the top four house styles are, read on to find out!

Cape Cod House Style

One of the top house styles for 2021 is the Cape Cod house style. These have steep and slanting roofs with cedar shingles. These also have a large chimney and shuttered windows, which flank the door. Most of the time, Cape Cod house styles have one or two floors with a small and well-kept front yard. This style started in the 16th century in New England. It rose to fame again during and after WWII.

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Colonial House Style

The Colonial house style started in the 17th century. Settlers would incorporate their origins into their homes, so there are countless colonial house styles. These styles will typically range from Spanish Colonial to German Colonial. But something in common that these houses have are symmetrical and rectangular base shapes, gambrel or barn roofs, and square rooms. Most of the time, these houses are made out of bricks, wood, and stone. Also, colonial homes mostly have two stories, with the family home at the bottom and the bedrooms on the second floor.

Victorian House Style

The victorian house style was developed during Queen Victoria’s reign in the 19th century. These are pretty common in US historical cities, such as Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. These houses are incredibly detailed and have complex designs. They have asymmetrical shapes and ornate gable trim. Some common features are bright exterior paint, decorative railing, sweeping porches, corbels, and turrets.

Cottage House Style

In the year 2021, cottagecore has become one of the prevalent aesthetic trends. And if you’re charmed by the cozy, simple, and idyllic home, then you’ll fall in love with the idea of a cottage home. These were first popular in medieval English architecture and featured cross gables, arched doors, pitched roofs, and casement windows with small panes. These are the kind of houses you see in story books.